5 reasons why seo matters

5 Reasons Why SEO Matters and Why You Should Be Investing In It

website content for seoMany businesses nowadays hear the word SEO (search engine optimisation) and switch off.

They either feel that they do not have the ability to do it correctly or they have heard stories about how it is too difficult or too expensive to have it done!

In today’s ever changing online world, investing in SEO for your business as an internet marketing strategy is a must have, not a nice to have. With Google changing its algorithm more frequently it is imperative to stay ahead of your competitors and in turn keep your revenues buoyant. You must, however, understand that SEO is a long game not a quick fix. This is another reason why so many businesses don’t engage in it. They want instant gratification and if results do not appear within weeks they go off to seek the next shiny object instead! Sound familiar?

So, let’s go through these 5 reasons why SEO matters.

The most obvious reason is that it flat out works!

With Google getting over 6 billion searches every day, there has never been a better time to rank high in Googles search results. The number one factor for Google’s quality score is relevance. Without a set of relevant results for their users they have nothing and that will make their shareholders uneasy. So, if your website is created with relevance in mind, you will rise above the chaff and that means more people seeing your website, more people clicking through to your website and ultimately more sales. And let’s not forget, SEO is not just about webpages it is about video search, image search, shopping search as well.

Mobiles have made SEO even more important

Nowadays, more people use a mobile device to search for something online than they do a desktop PC. Google has geared its algorithms to know where that mobile device is and it serves up the most relevant results at that exact moment in time, for where the search is being made. ‘Near Me’ type searches are growing all the time as people look for coffee shops, restaurants and many other businesses whilst on the go.

Whats more, these people searching are ready to make a purchase at that moment whether its a cup of coffee, a hotel room or a pair of shoes. If you come up in the search results when they search, you will get the sale.

Doing SEO once is not going to stick

As we have mentioned, Google changes its algorithms all the time and you can be ranking highly in the results one week and then dropped down a page or two the next. This can be for something as simple as not updating your website and Google feeling that your website is not as relevant anymore. Yes really!

What you need is a strategy that keeps tabs on your SEO efforts and adds to them on an ongoing basis. We can help with that.

High search result rankings gives your business credibility

When someone makes a serach in Google, it has kind of become the mentality that those that are at the top are the most credible businesses. The ones that know what they are doing and are 5 reasons why seo matterstherefore the most savvy online. This then extends to them as a business as a whole in the mind off the prospect.

Many people skim over the ads at the top of the page and just look at the organic results. Most, also do not search further than the first 2 pages of Google either, so if you are languishing on Page 3 or beyond, you might as well not exist.

SEO is here to stay so just embrace it

All businesses that value their online presence invest in SEO and you should too. Googles ranking factors are all geared around well optimised websites and that is not going to change any time soon. Those businesses that still crave for the old days of radio ads and the Yellow Pages are living in the past. The internet is here to stay and being at the top of the search results is vital for your business.

Here are some of the reasons that businesses are not willing to invest in SEO – see if you come under any of them!

“I can’t afford it!”

Ask yourself, can you afford not to? Your competitors will probably be investing so don’t let them get one over on you. Click here to get us to do a Free Online Assessment fo you

“I got ripped off by the last SEO company!”

Admittedly there are a lot of companies out there that want you to sell your grandparents before seeing any results. We are different! We will give you a comprehensive report with some golden nuggets that you can act upon irrespective of whether you invest in our services or not. That is before we even discuss our costs! Here is an example of the type of report we supply. Click here to get your golden nuggets!

“I will never catch up with my competitors now. I have missed the boat!”

It is never too late. And who is to say that they have been given good advice?! SEO is not going away so get in the game. You will not regret it. Click here to get in the game