Check out these Top 5 WordPress Mistakes – Are You Making Them?

5 wordpress mistakesIf you have a website there is a large possibility that it is built on the WordPress platform. But there are often things that people forget about and these can have an adverse effect on your website in the eyes of Google.

So, let’s check out these Top 5 WordPress Mistakes.

  • Forgetting to delete the default content –

When you start to build your website you get some default content on your website. For example you get a Sample Page and a first post for your blog called ‘Hello World’. These posts and pages get indexed by Google so they go towards the overall ranking of your website. With no content on the page/post this makes Google think that your website has gaping holes in its relevancy. With relevancy being one of the major ranking factors, this is not good for your Google ranking.

Delete the Sample Page and the Hello World post before you do anything else so that they do not get indexed when you first publish a post or page.

  • Having the wrong Permalink configuration

The last thing you want when you write and publish posts on your WordPress blog is to have the url slug as e.g rather than

With this in mind you will need (again before you write your first post) to go into the Permalinks section and make sure the Post Name option is ticked. This will make your posts seo friendly and the possibility of getting them ranked in the search results is far greater.

  • Not updating regularly

On a regular basis your theme and the plugins you use on your site will have updates. Whenever you go into the dashboard of your website it will tell you whether you have updates so that is simple. However, many people do not keep things updated and this is a bad thing. Google watches eerthing you do and if you forget to update it will see your website a not being kept uptodate and therefore less relevant than your competitors.

Not only that, but updates usually bring bug fixes and/or new features so it is always a good idea to keep your website uptodate and secure.

  • Overloading on Plugins

There are thousands of plugins to make your website work better, faster, more effectively. However, having too many is a bad thing and will slow your website down. Page load speed is one of Googles most important ranking factors nowadays. Here is a tip when deciding whether to upload a plugin or not – make sure that it has been updated regularly (see the image below). If it hasn’t move on and find an alternative.

  • Deleting content the wrong way

Over time you may have the need to delete a page or post. However, you cannot simply just delete it within the WordPress dashboard. You MUST also delete it from the back office of your hosting account. This is because Google has already indexed your web page. If you delete it within WordPress, it continues to show up in Google but when someone clicks on the listing it goes to a 404 Error page. This is an empty page showing the visitor “Page not found”. This will go against you in Googles eyes so it is imperative to get it right.

Would you like a Bonus One?

  • Not doing a back up of your site regularly

Far too many people never ever back up their website and then break into tears when a problem happens and their website vanishes into thin air! Believe me, I speak from experience!

There are several back up plugins available within the WordPress platform. Choose one and make sure that you do it regularly – maybe monthly. And make sure that you back it up on a seperate platform like Dropbox or Google Drive etc.

Well, hopefully that has given you some food for thought and also some action points. If you need any further help with your online marketing please feel free to get in touch.