Welcome to Digital Torque.


We believe we are in the midst of a marketing revolution. With recent advances in technology, and in marketing software in particular, their is an unprecedented opportunity for smaller organizations to achieve the same level of online exposure as large enterprises with their big agency partners and multi-million pound budgets.



Websites, social media and mobile digital marketing is changing at a bewildering speed. It has become extremely challenging for local businesses to understand and impossible to manage.

But since a growing 78% of UK purchases begin and end online, you can’t ignore the opportunity it presents.

To keep up, you need technology to work for you, to increase the number of sales coming into your business through online channels.

Our aim is to introduce you to the latest marketing platforms and strategies that are available to you, test what works financially and support your people to run it.

Niall Blatcher

Jon Lake

Nialls experience of planning and managing integrated marketing campaigns goes back over 30 years with both large international agencies and inside large corporations.

More recently he has deployed, tried and tested digital marketing campaign strategies and tactics for his own companies and for small and medium sized business clients.

He has been utilizing digital channels since 1998 and using marketing software platforms since 2013, including content management systems (Scala, MagicInfo), digital asset management,(Hubspot), CRM (Salesforce), and research platforms (Sysomos).

Meanwhile, Jon has a proven track record of project management and leadership dating back over 30 years.

Since 2008, he has been improving and enhancing the online presence of both his own companies and also local businesses.

Through an ever changing digital world he has navigated clients to the top of their industries on all the major platforms, including Google and Facebook, whilst keeping up to date with all the latest changes and new upcoming online marketing strategies.

The pace of change in marketing innovation, and technology in particular, has left many company CEOs and indeed marketing directors, unaware of what can now be achieved, at what (reduced) cost, and how to viably and practically implement the latest available capabilities.

Our mission is to enlighten, evangelize and facilitate the early adoption of these new technologies and digital marketing strategies here in the West of England, and throughout the UK.