We’ll set up and manage your campaigns for FREE. We prefer to earn our fee through commission on the increase in sales we will achieve. We call it “skin-in-the-game”.

Why it matters

Results are what matter. Bring in customers to maximize sales. So, mutualize our reward around sales. Link our fee to the sales we add.

It is essential to invest time (typically 4 – 6 weeks, with your help) to set up the most appropriate online marketing tools, produce effective content that’s aligned with customer insight and online shopping trends and opportunities.

Timeless marketing principles are still relevant, but must adapt to the latest online behaviour, platform algorithms and user expectations.

Our combination of ingrained marketing experience with technical digital savvy helps. As does our obsessive compulsion to tinker, fine-tune and optimize.

What we do for FREE

What we charge for

Essentially, our time and the software assets we own and use to:

(1) Set up of platforms and software tools. Typically; landing pages, Social Media spin-off pages, Google ad accounts, DAMs (Digital Asset Management software), SEO assistance, content publishing software (CMSs) and tracking capabilities.

(2) Harmonize all visible online platforms with your own, following brand guidelines with approvals and testing before going live.

(3) Build targeting profiles, using online data and analysis

(4) Publish, track and optimize content on a daily basis


(5) Track and regularly report results, conclusions and next steps

Essentially, selected third party costs dedicated to your business to:

(1) Set up an ecommerce capability if required, in particular linked ‘Product pages’, ‘Shopping cart’ and ‘Check-out’ pages. These can cost, as a subscription, as much as £150 per month. And we might agree a fee for orchestrating if required, for a really complex implementation.

In most instances, this should already be in place and only require slight adaptation, like adding tags to track new customers. Or your IT department can sort out APIs and integrate an external capability with your website, avoiding any Digital Torque fee costs.

(2) Cover marketing software subscriptions. These will vary, if/as required, according to marketing need and related software requirements, and will be identified and agreed in advance. For holistic platforms, like Hubspot and Mailchimp for example, cost can vary between £25 per month to £250 pm for most SME requirements.

For SEO support, like SEMRush, it can cost as little as £25 per month.

(3) Advertising placement. This is the key ongoing campaign cost and is charged by hosting channel or network provider. It does not affect our income and is ultimately determined by you. The more you put in to advertising placement, the more you can get out. Costs would start off at low levels to test options for effectiveness and viability, typically £400 for the first ‘test’ month.

Once successful options have been identified, we would discuss lifting your spend to optimized and affordable levels, as determined by yourselves.

How much it would cost depends upon how much 3rd party activation and associated cost is required. Only if elaborate and extensive consultancy involvement is involved (for example to set up or rework an ecommerce capability), would we charge a fee for our time.