We’ll help you work out what you need, prepare ‘briefs’, propose ideas and estimate options for FREE. We also use online tools to produce quality content at minimal cost.

What matters

Results are what matter. Bring in customers to maximize sales. So, mutualize our reward around sales. Link our fee to the sales we add.

It essential to invest time (typically 4 – 6 weeks, with your help) to set up the most appropriate online marketing tools, produce effective content that’s aligned with customer insight and online shopping trends and opportunities.


Timeless marketing principles are still relevant, but must adapt to the latest online behaviour, platform algorithms and user expectations. Our combination of ingrained marketing experience with technical digital savvy helps. As does our obsessive ompulsion to tinker, fine-tune and optimize.

What we do for FREE

What we charge for

(1) Launch campaign materials

– Landing page content. The layout, XP functionality, text, imagery, inserted video (if appropriate), publishing and hosting.
We use image libraries for photography. (You pay for images).

– Advertisements for Google Ads and Facebook. Up to 4 executions for launch. We use image library photography for ‘display’ formats. Again, you pay for images.

– Social Media posts. Up to 4 executions. Again, we would use an image library for photography. You pay for images.

– Blogs. Up to 4 blogs. Again, we might use an image library.

(2) Managing content development if we agree to use an outside specialist, for example to film a video. We know and are used to working with top digital and advertising specialists, such as copywriters, art directors or film and animations producers. We source, estimate, brief, supervise and budget-manage the process.

Whilst we would not charge our time for most jobs, we would do so if a more elaborate project is required. We would always charge on the pre-approved costs of any agreed outside supplier.

(1) Software costs to produce in-house ads. Typically just £10 for monthly subscription to “Canva” platform, for example.

(2) Costs for production. Typically for photos from image banks to set up a campaign. Say £50 for 50 images.

(3) External content development costs, which will vary according to extent and quality/skills require.

(4) More than what we do for the launch. Our time charged out at £750 a day.

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