“Google My Business Statistics and the Importance of Them”

google my business

One area of local SEO that often gets forgotten are the Google My Business listings. Here are some Google My Business Statistics 2019 which will show you why, as a local business, you really need to get on board with it. For info, the listings have ad several names over the years – Google 7 Pack, Google 3 Pack, Google Places, Google Snack Pack.

A recent study showed that 56% of local bricks and mortar style businesses still have NOT claimed their Google My Business listing! That is absolutely mad.

Is Google My Business Free?

One of the first questions businesses ask is “Is Google My Business Free?” The answer is Yes! This is a free tool that helps small businesses create and manage their Google listings. There have been a few people who have stated that their could be a chance of it becoming a paid offering one day but until then, why not enjoy lots of free website traffic?

The listings give the local business the ability to showcase reviews, its NAP (name address and phone number), pictures and a map of the business and now some extra features as well.

Where customers view your business on Google

For those of you that don’t know the Google My Business listings are very near the top of every search result that involves a place name. For example “chiropractor Torquay” or “best funeral director Exeter”. In fact in many instances they actually show up first before any other listings or ads.

google my business statistics 2019

As you can see from this one, it is the first thing that shows up when someone searches for chiropractor Torquay. And you can also see from the green highlighted strip that this search term is made 320 times per month. What chiropractic business would not like to get in front of 320 people every month for free?

Why is Google My Business Important?

Let’s get into the good bit!

Bright Local recently published a report that covered a lot of great info from their own studies. It showed that over 75% of Google My Business listings are being found through organic search. It also found that in 2018 the amount of people clicking through to a businesses website from inside the listing increased by 29%.

This is a great stat – 96% of GMB listings are viewed at least 25 times per month with 49% of listings receiving over 1000 searches per month.

What Do People Do When They Look at a GMB Listing?

So, you are in the listings, and someone visits your listing. What will they do now?

Well, 56% of people will visit your website and a further 24% will actually call your business directly from the listing. Is that amazing or what? 16% of businesses with a GMB listing receive over 100 calls every month! Astounding. Just say you are a roofer here in the UK. The average price of a new tiled roof is £5000. I would imagine a conservative estimate of call conversions to be about 5%. So, of the 100 calls, a roofer will convert 5 into a sale. That is 5 x £5000 = £25000 of income per month. Need I say more?

So, Which Businesses Do The Best on GMB?

Well, a lot of people that search for local businesses and then instantly make contact are emergency based searches. Businesses like locksmiths, repair based industries, do very well. Legal businesses (lawyers etc) also do well as people will call them pretty quickly when the proverbial hits the fan!

In Conclusion

So, having read these Google My Business Statistics 2019 are you questioning whether your business is making the best use of its listing? Maybe you are interested to know what the extra features are that can bring a business even more calls or website views?

If that is the case, why not give us a call and see how we can help.