how to get your facebook posts seen in 2020

How to get your Facebook posts seen in 2020

According to reports, whenever you publish a new post on Facebook, it now only gets seen by about 5% of your Facebook fans.

Facebooks algorithm has changed over the years, so what was working a year ago is simply old hat now! There is even a button on posts now for the reader to ask why they are being shown your post! If they don’t want to see your posts they can choose not to! Although why you would Like a page and then not want to read what they have to say is beyond me!

Facebook now has ranking factors for posts and it is these that they use when determining who to show your posts to.

Facebook Ranking Factors

There are 3 ranking factors in Facebook:

  • Who a user typically interacts with
  • The type of media in the post (eg., video, link, photo, etc.)
  • The popularity of the post

So, with these 3 factors in mind, let’s see  how to get your Facebook posts seen in 2020.

Interaction, or engagement as Facebook like to call it, is the name of the game when it comes to your posts being seen by more people.

Get people talking

One great way to increase engagement is to ask a question in your post. Now this could just be a simple question or maybe in the form of a poll. This makes people interact with you. If you can tap into either their pain points or their emotions you are half way there.

Dont be too controversial

Contrary to what many online marketing trainers would have you do, being highly controversial just to gain a response is not a good idea. By all means have your opinion but don’t be offensive or highly controversial as this could get your FB page shut down! Never mislead people and don’t buy into the fake news that surrounds us every day.

Mirror your fans

Go into your Facebook Insights

facebook insights

Image from Facebook

You will be able to see who looks at your posts and at what time of day are you getting the most viewers. You can then schedule (or publish) your posts at these optimum times to get the maximum possible reach.

Video is King!

Video shows no sign of slowing down in its popularity so it goes without saying that posting video content to your Facebook page is a great idea. Some things to remember when uploading videos to Facebook are:

  • Don’t just post links to Youtube videos. This takes people off of Facebook and they don’t like this.
  • Upload your videos direct instead
  • Create videos that are about 3 minutes long – they are seen as adding better quality info to your page
  • Make sure you add subtitles to your videos and make them square videos as most people watch videos on Facebook with the sound off.
  • If you are feeling confident try going Live on Facebook as you will get shown to even more people as Facebook really values Live videos.

Regular posting is key

Most businesses start out with good intentions on Facebook and post several times a week. After a couple of months and depending on the engagement they get, this goes down to a couple of times a week. Then it drops to once a week and then it stops altogether!

Does this sound familiar?

Regular posting is the key to success on Facebook. Although it might seem like an uphill struggle, it is not. Facebook will be watching from the sidelines,seeing how often you post, what the quality of your posts is like and the amount of engagement you are getting.

Start a Facebook Group

Facebook themselves have stated that their Groups are probably the best piece of Facebook real estate at the moment.

Not only do your group posts go out to all your members but Facebook rewards a good group with great content and engagement by promoting it themselves by way of suggesions to other like minded peole.

Link your Page with your Group for even more exposure.

So, if you have been asking yourself How to get your Facebook posts seen in 2020?, now you now!

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