We provide reports and videos FREE to clients. We also run bespoke interactive seminars, upon request at agreed rates. Our intention is to help you become self-proficient clients.

What matters

And as more marketing software platforms with improving capabilities become available, why not do more in-house. We believe it’s the future, so we’re happy to help.

Currently, we’re at the start of this process, but we will increase our repertoire of educational services and gear it to support in-house client self-proficiency. We would welcome bespoke suggestions in this respect.

Business owners and employees will always know their products and services better than external agencies or consultants. And they have the most motivation to promote them. But they usually lack the up-to-date digital marketing awareness, training and skills of external specialists.

But what if they didn’t! Then they could do a lot more in-house. Or, at the very least, improve their ability to brief, manage, coordinate and judge the work of ‘outsiders’ for more harmonious and productive end results.

What we do for FREE

What we charge for

We are setting up a library of materials, we find and like, and will include ones we produce ourselves, all to be made available to our clients for free.

We are also preparing a glossary of digital marketing terms for everyone, as this will help immediately in communications and  understanding and help avoid misunderstanding!

(1) Educational PDFs and videos in our library, for non-clients
(2) Seminars and workshops. We can tailor these to the specific requirements briefed to us. So far these include:
– Brand strategy (online)
– Sales funnel marketing
– Google Ads
– Messenger marketing.