FREE assessment and draft strategy with plan to grow sales month on month. If you want more detail, we can do that, upon request, with your input at an agreed fee.

Why it matters


A plan organizes your actions. A good plan will lead to good
performance. A remarkable plan to remarkable performance. 

But the effectiveness of your plan will depend upon your strategy.

Both are critical to digital marketing, because your actions, their
visibility, impact, and your audience’s response happen instantly – or at the very least, very fast. And the results can be very extensive.

What we do for free

(1) Online Audit, reviewing your current online presence, brand experience and comparative organic performance.

(2) Digital Marketing Strategy, covering perceived opportunities, possible goals, target audience profiles, potential customer journeys with associated channels and content options.

(3) Digital Marketing Plan, listing activities arising from the
digital strategy, broken down into required stages, with
timings, suggested responsibilities and potential support from
available online software platforms.

What we charge for

(1) Refined Strategy and Plan, involving a comprehensive
briefing as a workshop meeting, involving your feedback to the
above (audit, and drafted strategy with plan), plus questions
arising in our drafting. Subsequently, further research work
and analysis leading to a completed strategy with plan, for any
further feedback and approval.

(2) Online Brand Strategy, encompassing audit of current online presence and experience with associated impact on brand
visibility, image and reputation; comparative brand
opportunity(s); and in consequence, ideas and proposals for
online positioning, architecture, identity and content/channels.

How much it would cost depends upon how much needs to be
done – in briefing, research and scope. Our day rate is £750..