“Are You Making These Top 3 Landing Page Mistakes?”

top 3 landing page mistakesOne of the biggest mistakes we see local businesses making is not using landing pages for their offers. You may also know them as lead capture pages, static pages or single web pages. Many businesses have a lovely looking website, which they probably paid hundreds if not thousands for.

But their website is essentially just a brochure and not a sales tool. Your website should be working for you like an employee 24/7 bringing leads and sales into your business. Is yours?

Maybe you don’t even know what a landing page is? If not, we will touch on that down the page.

There are several landing page creators, some are easy to use, others you need a degree to understand!

So, for those of you who ARE using landing pages in your digital online marketing, let’s see if you are making these top 3 landing page mistakes. If you are you will definitely be adversely affecting your click-through rates and your conversion rate.

  1. Your Page Has Too Many Distractions

A landing page has one job to do and that is to either get a lead/opt in or to sell, nothing else! So if you have a ton of other distractions that might tempt the visitor to click away from the page, then you are committing mistake number 1.

Take off the Facebook comments box, the Instagram feed, the Youtube video. If you need a sales video have the native video on the page not a Youtube embed, as this will drive your people off the page.

      2. Ditch Any Ideas About Making Your Page SEO Friendly

Your landing page is not designed to be content rich or with an intention of being indexed and ranked in the Google search engine results. The most effective landing pages also rarely have anything below the fold. In case you are not aware above and below the fold stems back to old newspaper days when papers were folded in half. Online, anything that you have to scroll down the page upon overall, to view is below the fold. What you immediately see on your screen when you arrive at a website is above the fold.

As we have stated in No.1, your landing page ha 1 job to do, nothing else.

       3. Do Not Try to Sell More Than One Product at a Time.

Each of your products should have its own landing page. Once the visitor has bought the product then they should be sent into a sales funnel with upsells and cross sells, but that is for another post!

Only place one product in front of your website visitor or else you run the risk of confusing them. Confusion in the buying process is never good and can reduce the number of sales you make and increase the number of people clicking away form your landing page without taking action.

Further Points of Interest

Once you have your landing page(s) set up and you have people coming to them, it is time to look at landing page optimisation. This is the analysis of what is working on your landing page. The colour of your buttons, your images or videos. You can run split testing on your landing pages to see which works better. You can also split test the ads that drive people to your landing pages as well.

So, which of these top 3 landing page mistakes are you making?

If you are not yet using landing pages in your local business, then you really need to talk to us! They can increase the bottom line of a business substantially when done correctly.