Check Out These Top 5 Facebook Ad Mistakes

At some point in the online marketing of your business I am sure you have tried Facebook ads. Am I right? Let’s see if you are making these top 5 Facebook ad mistakes!

Just to set the scene a little, Facebook as a whole have been going through the mill in recent times. Never a month goes by when there seems to be another news item about the platforms inability to safeguard something! But, through all that, their ad platform remains the number one place to get good, fast results for your ad campaigns. Yes, they have taken away some of the targeting abilities but it is still by far the most targeted ads platform on the internet.

So, let’s dive in to it.

1. Lazy targeting

With Facebook having the most intricate targeting capabilities of any ad platform out there, it makes me raise my eyes to the sky when I see businesses not using it properly. Or maybe it is because they don’t know how to use it correctly.

Either way, those that don’t, are missing out on a boat load of possibility!

You then end up with the wrong people seeing your ad. Or you could view it as not enough of the right people seeing it. Some businesses simply hit ‘Boost Post’ and hope in vain that this will bring them a ton of targeted people into their business. Wrong! It depends who you speak to, but many experts say that boosting posts is a waste of your money.

The majority of people choose just one single interest or behaviour, which in most cases is too broad. You need to using overlapping interests and also the extra matching section (see below). As an example it could be people who are interested in golf and also belong to a golf club.


top 5 facebook ad mistakes

2. Too Much Optimisation

Believe me, we know how tempting it is to tinker and tweak your ad every day when you think it isn’t working as well as you had hoped. But resist the temptation. When starting out with running paid ads, you need to have the mindset that a small amount of money is going to be eaten up with testing. This is an investment not a waste of money. When your ad is bringing in hundreds of pounds a day in sales, will you be questioning the £30 you spent testing it in the first place? No, exactly.

The reality is that when you create an ad and hit Publish, Facebook goes to work for you. It starts to look through its database looking for the exact people that you have asked to see it. Every time you make a change or tweak, Facebook goes back to the beginning and starts again. So, instead of your ad becoming more relevant over the first few days, it stays in a state of flux.

Blitzmetrics founder and absolute Facebook legend, Dennis Yu, likens this to planting a seed, digging it up five minutes later, replanting it and digging it up again. Very wise words.

Gurus used to tell you to run a lot of ads, with different interests targeted all at the same time. This appears to be going out of fashion as ad costs rise and it also dilutes the effectiveness of your campaign overall.

3. Not Using the Placements Feature Correctly

One size fits all does not work anymore. With so many places on Facebook’s platform to show your ad, you need to think about what your ad is trying to achieve and also what format it is in.

For example, make sure that a video ad shows up only in the sections that are related to videos. So, not the stories, messenger or in-article sections. Another thing with a video ad is the importance on ensuring a high quality video is used. A pixelated video will not cut the mustard!

4. Only Thinking About Your Needs

Far too many advertisers look at their offer instead of the prospective customers pain point. They look at their product and think that a sale price or a special offer is going to wow the crowds! Instead they should be looking at what the product is and what problem it overcomes. Then, promote it as a solution for that problem in particular. For example, the CBD oil industry is huge and becoming saturated now. But I recently saw someone promoting it for its ability to help people quit smoking. This is a far better way and makes you different from the herd.

Make your ad and your product about the customer not about what you get out of it.

5. Running Ads as a One Hit Wonder

In today’s fast paced world and with the abilities of Facebook’s platform you need to think of your ads in the form of a complete strategy and a journey. You need to create maybe 3 ads, all with a different purpose. The first one should be a short video ad to make people aware of you and the problem they have related to your product. Then, using the custom audience facility inside Facebook’s ad platform, run the 2nd ad which should be informational or educational to those people who watched your video. Then target those people with a 3rd ad which makes the offer.

This gives you a much higher ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Now, how about a Bonus one?

6. Choosing the Right Objective


facebook ad objectives

When you start creating an ad, you will see this section above. Whatever you do, do NOT choose Brand awareness or Reach! These 2 are a waste of time. The best ones, depending on your ad and its intentions are Traffic, Video views, Lead generation and Conversions.

So, hopefully this has given you an insight into the Top 5 Facebook Ad Mistakes.

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